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Our mission

Division 1-On-1 Trainers' mission is to provide athletes in college towns with a brand new opportunity to receive personal sports training from the country's top college athletes. We believe that a positive sports experience is characterized by relatable coaches who create a lasting impact that extends beyond sports. This unique experience is only offered by Division 1-On-1.

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All trainers are vetted by Division 1-On-1
Affordable prices
Every trainer is a current college athlete
Relationship building is a priority
Easy online booking
NCAA approved

How it Works

  1. Browse trainers under the "Find a trainer" page.

  2. Select the trainer you'd like to reserve, and click "Request trainer."

  3. We will be notified that you have selected this trainer, and will connect you with them over text.

  4. You and the trainer will communicate to decide when and where each session will take place.

  5. Show up, and work hard!!!

You can schedule 1-on-1 and small group sessions!


Julie D.

"Such an awesome service you have given to these young athlete. Colby likes his coaches. But he has never been inspired like this

Chas B.

My daughter got in the car and said, 'That was better than ANY camp I've been to!' It was challenging but fun and they appreciated how nice the trainer is.

Danielle L.

The young man who is training [our son] is not only a great athlete, he's a great teacher of the sport. Our son was so hyped after his session he had me be his partner to show his dad all they worked on.


Jared Vishno

Jared ared is a senior at the University of Virginia studying Spanish and social entrepreneurship. He is the head of operations, NCAA compliance, and trainer recruitment. He was a varsity basketball player for Staples High School in Westport, CT, and trained young basketball players in the offseason.

Grant Sirlin

Grant is in his senior year at the University of Virginia studying economics and business Spanish. He runs marketing and parent outreach efforts. He was a varsity soccer player and state champion skier at Staples High School in Westport, CT. Grant is passionate about personal sports training and has extensive experience training youth travel soccer players.